The Cardinal Safe Sous Vide™
line of products:

Proper portion control is a challenge every restaurant faces. Inconsistencies in portion control can substantially impact your bottom line, especially for proteins as they are the most expensive ingredient on a menu. Our Safe Sous Vide™ line of proteins offer cost savings and consistency in size, weight, and nutritional delivery every single time. 

Pulled meats are one the more challenging, labour-intensive proteins to make on a consistent basis. Cardinal Safe Sous Vide™ Pulled Proteins are slow cooked in their own juices, ready to use, making them fast and easy for any recipe. In addition to our fully sauced products, we also offer naturally spiced proteins that can be customized in your kitchen. 

Diced proteins are labour intense, and difficult to maintain consistency, however, they are a versatile staple in any kitchen! Safe Sous Vide™ Diced Proteins are not only juicy, tender, and delicious but come consistently diced, ready to go into any meal! Through Safe Sous Vide™ we can provide the highest level of consistency through the precise cooking time and temperature every time. 

Whole muscle proteins are a staple on every menu but often take a lot of time to prep and cook. Safe Sous Vide™ whole muscle proteins can eliminate the time and effort providing the same quality as cooking from scratch. Our Whole Muscle Proteins are cooked in their own juices right in the bag, making them perfectly tender and flavourful — just reheat, and serve. 

Bone-in proteins are one of the most difficult items for any kitchen to prepare consistently. With Safe Sous Vide™, Cardinal has perfected the process of making consistent, tender, delicious ribs, and has developed a full line of Safe Sous Vide™ bone in proteins. Safe Sous Vide™ takes the difficulty out of customers’ most beloved dishes and helps you to save time and money. 

Cardinal’s Safe Sous Vide™ Ground Crumble eliminates the yield loss, handling and challenges that go into cooking from raw. Our state-of-the-art culinary technique slow cooks the crumble and maintains the natural flavour, while delivering a tender, fully cooked, ground protein that is ready to use in every menu application. Safe Sous Vide™ products can be stored directly in your cooler for up to 30 days in a sealed pack. 

Cardinal’s Safe Sous Vide™ line of Sausage Proteins make it easy to include this family favourite into your menu without the hassle of having to store and cook raw sausages. They’re fully cooked, don’t need to be frozen, and are food safe. Safe Sous Vide™ Sausage Proteins are sure to become a customer favourite and save your business time and money. 

Cardinal’s Safe Sous Vide™ line of Plant Based Proteins are delicious and come in a variety of different product options that can be included in various menu concepts. Cardinal’s extensive capabilities have been applied to making outstanding plant based products that are unsurpassed in flavour and texture.